Anomalous crashes on Win7

Hello everybody! My sister's PC has a strange problem which I couldn't find solution to.

It's about 6-7 months that my sister has an HP laptop running Win7, whereas I had an old desktop running WinXP. The HP never had problems of any sort, never crashed, never had BSODs etc: the only crash I remeber was triggered when I tried to connect in a local network my PC to hers to swap files. The effect was an almost instantaneous BSOD on her HP, triggered again when I tried the same procedure, and since then I never tried to repeat the connection.

Recently (less than a month ago) I bought a new PC, this one running Win7 altogether, very stable, smooth and without problems of sort. However, since my new computer arrived, my sister's HP sometimes crashes without apparent reason. It seems that it's my very PC the cause: some days ago, I purposedly left it turned off for 3 consecutive days, and her HP never crashed.
Remembering the problem with the local network, I deactivated Home network both on my PC and hers, to no avail, as her HP still crashes.

The only link between the two machines its through the router, as we share Internet connection: while I'm cablated, she goes wireless. However, I don't know what to do in the options, as I double checked them many times and there's nothing hinting to some conflict.

In the following link you can download two reports on the components of my machine (in the file "ReportMine.txt") and my sister's ("ReportHP.txt"); if it helps, our router is a Sitecom ADSL2+ Modem/Router 54G MIMO WL-154.


Thank you.
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  1. Random crashes are very often signs of either failing hardware (RAM, PSU, HDD) or some sort of infection (Spyware, Virus).

    Run an antivirus scan and then follow it up with an antispyware scan. Panda/Cloud Antivirus is free and effective. Some very good quality spyware scanners (free) are:

    1. Spybot S&D - scans C: drive only
    2. SUPER Antispyware - can scan multiple drives
    3. AntiMalware - similar to SUPER Antispyware

    Other free software that is good to use:

    1. HiJackThis - scans and logs C: drive (submit the log to a forum for advice about the results)
    2. CCleaner - This handy tool will clean your registry
    3. MemTest86+ - this is a RAM checking software that runs in a DOS environment. You have to burn the disc image and have the disc in the drive to launch the program before Windows starts. Note, a thorough scan will take several hours.

    You should also check for any hardware conflicts. If you suspect that the problem is related to the network devices, check the HP's Device Manager. Alternatively, check the event logs.
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