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I'm selling my Acer TM529 notebook (PIII 850MHz, 256Mb RAM & 8Mb ATi Mobility M1 graphics) for another Acer TM notebook with better specs, P-III 1.2GHz @ 133MHz bus, 512Mb RAM and better graphics and 15" screen. However, I'm torn between the model that offers 16Mb ATi Radeon M6 and another with "8 to 32MB Intel® DVMT-based dynamically allocated SDRAM memory frame buffer"

I know I'd better off with a dedicated 16Mb ATi Radeon having read so much about this. On the latter, is there a significant performance penalty of such a "dynamically allocated" frame buffer? The Acer TM744 offers the RADEON while the TM623 offers the latter ..

Would experts on graphics display please offer me some opinions on which is better. I am a power user and work a lot with digital images and I run Windows XP Pro.

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  1. The Ati would be better. Consider a GF2 Go or Quadro 2 go even though.

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  2. • ATI Mobility Radeon™ accelerated 3D Graphics with up to 32MB modular video memory.
  3. While Acer uses the ATi Radeon M6 on their high end TM744LCF notebook, they are only offering the 16Mb DDR version :(. It's not like I have a choice of upgrade.
  4. Whatever you do, don't go for shared RAM. I wouldn't be so attached to Acer either, rather go for a Dell/Toshiba/Compaq much better options all round. (go for the 16MB dedicated otherwise)

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