ATI 4850 or AMD5770 in Mac Pro 1,1

Hello all, Let me start off by saying that I am new to Macs and am learning how to use them/configure them. Now that I have said that here is my problem.

I have a Mac Pro 1,1 with two Dual-core Intel Xeon processors, 4GB of memory and the stock Nvidia 7300 Video card. The Operating System is also OSX Lion 10.7.4. What I want to do is install either my MSI 5770 Hawk OR my Sapphire 4850 1gb dual DVI, in the Mac Pro and use the video card in OSX and Windows (still need to install windows). I have read about all of the flashing and all of that But then other places I have read that ever since OSX Lion there have been more compatible video cards right out of the box. I have tried that and it does not seem to work. So I then I added a ATI4800Controller.kext for OSX Lion that I found online. Did a reboot and it still does not work. right now I would like some input from the community on what i might be doing wrong and what I should try. I am not a complete noob and I have done research on google before I came here but I am just lost and confused at this point and want to hear some possible options/opinions.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Macs have always been very finicky when it comes to installing incompatible hardware in their machines, especially with the PwoerMacs and Mac Pro towers. I know from experience when i tried to install memory into my PowerMac which fit and was the right type, but the computer rejected it and wouldn't boot just because it wasn't apple certified. Most of those kext files you find online may work for older OSes, but normally not the newer ones. I did read that someone was able to successfully flash a Sapphire Radeon HD5870 but it was with SL, not Lion.

    As you're seeing with the route Apple is going with their newer models, they don't want people to be adding parts to their computers so they're offering less and less compatibility as the OSes get newer. I honestly don't know what to say about the cards you have, but look for cards that are Apple certified, because you'll be running the risk of it not working otherwise.
  2. I don't know if the chaps over at tonymacx86 will be able to give you some pointers. They are used to getting stuff working on the hackintosh scene and hopefully some more genned up on the kext front.

    There are a few tools like unibeast downloadable from there that have fairly comprehensive gpu support.
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