Switching from snow leopard to windows 7 need help!

i am new to windows 7 (i have made the jump from mac osx which i have used since windows 98 second edition!)
as a result i am behind quite a bit and wanted to know recommended apps for general productivity and pc use. thanks!

here are my system specs
gigabyte p55 ud3
4gb corsair dominator ddr3 1333
sapphire radeon 4870 1gb
1tb samsung spinpoint f3
(going to purchase a vertex 3 ssd when i becomes available for the sata 6)
ultra 600 watt psu
haf-x case

im moving up from a 2ghz core due macbook white so i am making a big upgrade
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  1. Few things I think every PC should have.

    Document creation. Open Office, free. MS Office, not free

    Media playback. VLC Media Player, free, can play DVDs. If will use a BluRay player, you will want to use the software that comes with it as VLC cannot play BluRay disks.

    For music, Media Player or iTunes is good.

    Movie Organizing, I like My Movies Database.

    Photo, Image organizing, editing. My favorite is Google Picassa, maybe also Infranvew for editing.

    Anti-Virus, Avira Antivir, Avast, AVG Free, all good.

    Spyware (non-resident, meaning you run it when needed), Malwarebytes.
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