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I want to buy a copy of Windows 7 Pro. I don't have a copy of XP or Vista so that I can get the upgrade version legitimately. I want to build a PC soon but funds are tight for that right now, it would have to be a bare bones that I could upgrade as time goes on.

I'd like to figure out which version of XP I should purchase. I am Windowless currently but I do have an intel Mac currently that I could run Windows 7 on to check it out and run some old programs that I had for XP (5yrs ago). But if I were to buy an OEM version I'm not sure I could install it on the Mac and then when I got my new build up and running could switch it over to that. How would MS deal with switching a OEM version from one computer to another?

I have read that you can install 7 on a new build from and upgrade version. But I'd assume at some point MS would have a way to make it not work. Should I just spend the money on a Full copy, when really all I really want to do is put it on the new build eventually but run it on my Mac for the time being.
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  1. the OEM you can't switch from PC to PC. The OS will be tied to the computer (usually the motherboard).
    If you can't wait to install the OS on just one computer, then get the retail. If you can wait and hold out, then get the OEM.
    Look at downloading something like Ubuntu or a like program in the meantime if you want to
  2. I concur. Just go with a retail version for the time being; there is no difference in the features or anything. Just uninstall it from your MAC before putting it on your future PC build for license purposes and you should be good to go.
  3. Until you get your funds sort it out, use Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial (100 days in fact, you have 10 days to activate the trial).

    You can even extend the trial with a simple command ;)
    Once you downloaded windows 7, use 'USB/DVD Tool' to make bootable DVD disk or USB pen drive.
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