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  1. This should go well with your whine ...

    GOP Will Tout 'We Built This (Stage?)' In Arena Built With Public Funds

    "We Built This" (the GOP's "Call Me Maybe"), is the catchphrase of the season, and it'll be a major theme of the Republican National Convention at the end of this month. The irony? They'll be holding that convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, formerly the Tampa Bay Ice Palace, which was publicly financed ... from public funds to the tune of about $86 million.

    Kind of kills that idea that it doesn't take a village, right?

    The arena's recent $40 million renovation, though, was privately funded. There's also the $20 million that the RNC is spending on renovating, which includes a $2.5 million stage for Mitt Romney.

    That's something they can proudly say they built.
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