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I have a laptop that once contained Vista on it. The hard drive was broke and is being replaced. If I purchase a system builder edition of Windows 7, will it install and work correctly? I read something about Vista being bonded to the motherboard.
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  1. No it will work fine. The copy of vista that came with your laptop key is tied to your motherboard.
  2. Christop is correct, your Vista copy is linked to your laptop...

    BUT, while your updating :

    Win 7 32 bit version should work just fine (you might need to hunt around for some drivers if you system is old...)

    But if you want lots of RAM:

    Do a bit of research on your laptop. Will it support 64 bit version of Win 7 ? Hey, a 32 bit OS can only support 3.25 Gb of RAM so, if you want to take full advantage of RAM I'd go with the 64 bit version if you can.
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