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Chairman of Wikimedia UK Resigns Amid Scandal

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August 4, 2012 11:45:26 AM

So... If I am reading this right (poorly written by the way Tom's...) Ashley spent his free time basically slandering individuals (just as illegal in the UK as it is here in the States), and instead of suing him, or even firing him, they took his posting rights away (something that would have been done to any user in wiki-world anyways). Then, in a fit of nerd rage he is quitting his job because he views slander as being 'progress' and that it was part of his job and duty to participate in such slander??!?!
The guy should have been fired the day he was banned from changing posts, and should not have been given the option to quit!
August 4, 2012 1:02:16 PM

The Telegraph reports that the former Chairman received an indefinite ban on contributing to the English version of Wikipedia

Learn another language or make a liberal usage of online translators with someone to check the translation, resume slandering.
August 5, 2012 6:09:10 PM

i want to know what this slander is?
i learned recently about wiki banning people from the site, people who are relatively important, as in hart fisher, from even having a page on wiki about him... so there are some... odd practices happening in the higher ups of wiki, i want to know if the slander was true, or if it was all false...
August 5, 2012 10:59:36 PM

Higher ups are rarely flat out fired. Its simply not done. Sadly.
August 6, 2012 4:56:36 PM

The guy posted a bondage video in the wiki commons, was being bashed by the community for his possible fetish, then repeatedly edited Jimmy Whales (wikipedia's founder) wikipedia page. Surprise, your fired!