Is there an alternative Office program to MS and Open Office?

I am using Open Office, which is part of the Java Platform, as an alternative to MS Office. Is there another, smaller program that does practically the same thing and will open the same files as in MS Office? Another question. Do I need Java?

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  1. Haven't used them, but there's...

    Gnome Office - Java based
    LibreOffice - An offshoot of OpenOffice, so Java based
    KOffice - No Java. Primary for Linux OS, but there is a Windows version that can be used, but still being polished and is an older version.

    If you are okay with non-free alternatives, then there's....

    Lotus Symphony (IBM)
    Corel Office
  2. What's wrong with Open Office? Most people love it.
  3. Zoron said:
    What's wrong with Open Office? Most people love it.

    I did like Open Office, but I was looking for a smaller program. After installing Libre Office, I discovered it was also very large, although it worked just as well. It also included an option for Pinyun characters and a conversion tool to export a file to PDF, which worked great.

    However, I found that I was able to install my old MS Office 2003 (Office11), that I use on my XP computer, and it works great on my new Win 7 64-bit computer, and it is only 205.93 MB. That solved my problem.

    Thanks for all the information, though, everyone.

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    If you customize your installation, you can reduce the amount of disc space used by any office suite. Why was hard drive space such a consideration?
  5. That probably should not have been my primary consideration. I had both MS Office and Open Office on my XP computer, but I wanted to start off with smaller programs on my new Windows 7 computer. Since my Office 2003 works on my new computer, I will use it instead. I tried some of the other programs suggested and, of those I tried, I found no problems with any of them, except that some of them were larger than my old MS Office, which also has the Office Outlook. That way I don't have to look for a separate mail program. You are right, though, if I wanted to reduce additional space, I could reinstall it, using just Outlook and Word, since I seldom use Access or Excel at home, unless I had either of those file types in an email attachment to open. I really have too many programs on my XP, and I did not want to start cluttering up my new Windows 7 computer with a lot of large programs and files. It could eventually get out of hand, and slow down my computer, especially during antivirus and defrag scans. I do a scan periodically to see how much space each program occupies, so I can make adjustments as I go along.

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