I am getting a bad_pool_caller blue screen errors recently.

Basically here is my situation i have a mac book pro and running parallel desktop for my windows 7. Recently i was getting the bad_pool_call error all the time so i decided to reinstall windows 7 again but still i get the same error. One of the error i recored was (0x000000c2 (0x0000000000000007, 0x0000000000001097, 0x0000000014000000,0xFFFFFA80025F0800)

The only thing i can think of i that i added a new external monitor to my laptop, but i still get the message even when i dont have the monitor plugged in.

thanks very much for your help, please bear with me that i am a kind of an idiot about computers.
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  1. This error is caused normally by a bad driver try updating your drivers by going to Microsoft update.
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