How Do You Make A Bootable DVD, Using An ISO?

I have the samsung SH-S223B optical drive. I am using Dual Layer 8.5GB, 8X, DVD+R DL ,DVD's. If someone could please give me a full explanation with starting with what software to use, and exactly, step-by-step, how to make a bootable DVD, using a bootable ISO file. I have tried and already wasted about $10 worth of DVD's. Is it possible that the disc format does not match that of the supported formats of my Optical Drive?
All help is appreciated.
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  1. when the ISO is compiled it has to be compiled as a boot-able
    i think this guide should work
  2. use imgburn bootable settings!
  3. I use Nero...
    but i know its not free, so its hard to suggest...
    MagicDisk & MagicIso also works really well. I use MagicDisk for all my virtual drives
  4. Best answer
    Another +1 for ImgBurn - fantastic lightweight program.
  5. If you got Windows 7 ISO, then try Windows DVD/USB tool. Is very simple to use.

    You could also make a Windows 7 bootable USB If you wanted too, using the same above tool. You will need 4Gb+ USB pen drive.

    If you went for the bootable usb, remember to set 1st boot to USB in the bios. Switch it back to HDD after Windows installtions restarts for the first time.
  6. I've used to tool that ibnsina mentioned. It worked great getting Windows 7 on my netbook.
  7. Alright I tried a few out. Thanks so much for the suggestions, I ended up going with and preferring Imgburn
  8. thanks alot i suggested imfburn first!
  9. imgburn
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