what is a real good rts or first person shooter?

what is a really good rts or first person shooter?
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  1. For a first person shooter you want Half-Life 2, you just can't get any better than that. If there was a greatest game of all time award I think it would have it. Now I'm goona get flamed by all the Farcry, D3, and Halo2 fans, lol.
    I haven't played any RTS games lately to know what is good. I've been playing to much HL2 to have time for other things :)

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  2. Dawn of war is a great RTS, I have played a lot o RTS games in my time (TA, WarCraft1, 2, 3, RA2) and I can def say this game rates up there with theh best.
  3. You left out Starcraft. :smile:

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  4. Omg I can't believe I forgot about starcraft, that game was soooooo sweet! :)
    I'd still be playing it but I can't stand the 640x480 res on my 22" monitor, everything is to frekin big! lol
    They need to make a starcraft that is like cossacks. Cossacks has insane map sizes and you reach the pop limit when your computer crashes :) I've had battles with about 10000 units on each side, lol. It kicks so much ass.

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  5. Dawn of war is great, don't forget about Silent Storm though ;)

    oh.. and RA3 is announced!!!

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  6. I dont believe I forgot to mention starcraft! That games rules, I still have network games of that. Which is saying a lot considering how old it is. Its gotta be in my top3 RTS games of all time.
  7. Best shooter ever go for Call of Duty. Don't listen to all the HL2 fanboi's out there... They wouldn't know a good shooter if it bit them on the ass.

    Admitedly HL2 and Farcry are good games so I can strongly recommend em.

    D3 on the other hand I'd hesitate to recommend. It looks good initially and also will scare the pants off u but the game has major flaws.

    As for a good rts. Not really my cup of tea. DoW is somewhat simplistic in nature but looks good and has a decent story. If you can classify them as such, Medieval total war or Rome total war are the best rts's out there.

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  8. Yeah, I've been wishing for a Starcraft 2 for years. One of Blizzards only mistakes I have seen is not continuing that series along with WarCraft and Diablo. I'd plunk down the money for Starcraft 2 without hesitation, especially considering how Blizzard seems to know how to make good sequels.

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  9. For anyone liking fps games, COD and the MOHAA 3 pack are both bargain bin items that are definately worth grabbing if you don't have them. I can't believe Target had MOHAA and both expansions for $30!

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  10. target eh? ill have to check it out today, i only have the original MOH

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  11. COD and MOHAA are good games but I've played them to death. That is all my friends wanted to play at lan parties when they came out :)
    After playing hl2 and cs source I couldn't go back to COD and MOHAA. I admit they are still entertaining but not nearly on the scale of hl2. I can't wait to see how DOD source is. I think that will own most other wwii games.

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  12. I think Spearhead and Breakthrough expansions are $9.99 each alone.

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  13. Does Joint Ops interest you? I am amazed how smooth that game plays with a huge number of players.

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  14. I still haven't completed HL2... in fact I played it for a few days.... I'm more or less to the end but nothing about the game interests me anymore. I can see why ppl got excited about it but for me it had major flaws crucial to make a good FPS.

    Namely AI was lame and the weapons (except the shotgun) were also dire and finally the feeling and atmospehere was muck....

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  15. The weapons are sweet if you have a nice speaker system. The rocket launcher, grenades, and the pulse rifle really pack a punch with a big sub. I love crankin up my klipsch promedia 5.1 system when I play, the sounds are just so cool :) Having a 22" CRT doesn't hurt either, lol.

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  16. Dawn of War is excellent... I love the way you can zoom in on the action and watch your guys getting impaled by some of the machines. Very innovative RTS to be sure. The only major flaw was that the single-player campaign was way too short. There is only 11 or 12 missions total... and you can only play as the marines... so no orc or other campaigns. The multiplayer is supposed to be fun (haven't played yet), but has a limited number of maps.

    I sincerely hope there will be an expansion pack that will add a much larger single-player campaign... with the possibility of non-human campaigns.

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  17. I'm interested in RTS games too but single player. What are the good ones?

    Anyone know anything about Warhammer 40,000:Dawn of War?

    I think I'll dig up some old games that I managed to accumulate yet never played.

    Total Annihilation

    Command and Conquer + Red Alert

    Dark Reign

    Star Craft


    Alpha Centauri

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  18. You bought Starcraft and haven't played it. Start installing now! :smile:

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  19. Yeah, can you believe it?

    I never had enough time for RTS games. There's learning to play them, then learning to play them well, and there's a time commitment. Get away from them for too long and it's like starting over again.

    FPS's are easier. Just gun and run. Play for minutes at a time or for hours. You can drop them for weeks and start up right where you left off. You can't do that with RTS games.

    Got plenty of time now.

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  20. Rise of Nations is a great RTS game.

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  21. I am similar as i have a hard time resisiting "former great games" that hit the $9.99 price tag. I have probably 10 such unopend games hanging around. i should post the titles to see if anyone tells me to "install now" also. But some such as NFSHP2 ended up being $10 favorites of mine.

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  22. That reminds me...

    This is great time of year to check the bargain bins!

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  23. Starcraft is, IMHO, the best RTS ever.

    As for FPS game, I've been playing HL2 and CS:S for a couple months now and I'm not gonna lie, they are both awesome games. But neither of them are the kind of game that keeps me drawn in for hours. The only FPS game that has done that is Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. I've been playing RvS since the demo came out (almost 2 years) and there is something about it that I just love. Whether it's the realism, the gameplay, or whatever, I just can't get enough of it.

    Just my $.02
  24. warhammer 40000 dawn of war is a must for rts games
    either that or try the warcraft III with its expansion
    both awesome games that u wont regret

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  25. Be sure to play starcraft first. TA ruled multiplayed with the TAUIP mod, but single played was pretty pants.
    Never played alpha centauri but Civ2 was wicked.
  26. Thought I was going to have a free weekend to load and try a couple games but that didn't happen.

    I will load Starcraft first and Alpha Centauri (which I've never even looked at).

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  27. Alpha Centauri is turn-based, not real-time, of course :)

    I agree that Rise of Nations is a great game.

    I've also heard that Rome: Total War is the dog's danglies too. :o) It's on my shopping list.
  28. FPS, Serious Sam Second Encounter, I still love that game and online have really had a blast with it, its probably the funnest FPS I've played.

    Breed is really good but its so full of copy protection you can't run it virtually from your HDD.

    Now if you're one really bad dude at the FPS gaming you can always pick yourself up a copy of Aliens vs Predator 2, play it at night in the dark, and try to keep your heart out of your throat, when you're attacked by 4 Aliens at once, 2 running on the floor, 1 on the wall, and 1 on the ceiling, you beat Aliens vs Predator 2, and you've done something, very few have.

    Far Cry was great, but I enjoyed the beginning of it, a lot more until the mutants got involved, personally I think the game was on perfect track until it became another monster mash, don't get me wrong it still was a fantastic game graphics wise, but it just seemed to start out being a completely different game than it ended up. Actually when the monsters started showing up I felt like we'd been ripped off.

    One game I started and stopped to play Far Cry was Tron 2.0, and I was really enjoying that game, as a matter of fact, I think I'll dig it out and finish it.
  29. I can't believe nobody mentioned Spellforce!?! That's a great RTS/RPG game. The original game is kinda hard to come by here in the U.S., and the 2 expansions have to be ordered from over seas (I'm still waiting for the second one). Regardless, they're great games...probably the most addicting ones I've played in a long time. Also, I suppose I should mention Morrowind, too. It's a first person RPG. I know you asked for a shooter, but it's another great game that deserves credit.

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  30. Going to show my age now but my best historic game has to be Elite on the BBC Micro. The graphics were groundbreaking at the time and the control system was innovative, I would spend hours and hours playing and not get bored.

    Clones of this have never seemed to fair well, I can remember the horrible technicolour version on the Atari ST. More recent attempts on the PC like Privateer and Freelancer have faired slightly better. The original is still the best though.....


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  31. Painkiller and the expansion pak BoOH (battle out of hell) are great fun. Many varied levels. Good gfx etc.

    I think its pretty much Bargin bin now.

    I hear good stuff about Chronicles of Riddick, but haven't gotten to try it yet.

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  32. Anyone playing Chronicles of Riddick? I just bought it for $15 from Gogamer.com. Firingsquad was pretty gung ho about the game. Probably be a few days before I install it, just curious if anyone is playing it.

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  33. I have played it and i liked it. Graphics are great but game seemed pretty short. I finished it in a few hours.
    The Call of Duty expansion pack was alot longer than riddick.

    I will say that The game was fun and kept me interested the whole game. At no time did i ever get the feeling of being bored or getting discouraged like some games.

    Kill.Switch Was also an awesome game. Its a 3rd person shooter but only thing is theres no quick saves. So if you get killed you have to start from last checkpoint

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  34. Quote:
    Kill.Switch Was also an awesome game. Its a 3rd person shooter but only thing is theres no quick saves. So if you get killed you have to start from last checkpoint


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  35. I can't believe people are still praising Star Craft. That's like going off about how awesome Floppy Disks are.

    That game would have been great if you could stop the annoying and repetative voices. It was fun but got old because I couldn't stand hearing the same retards make the same sound over and over again.

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  36. Depends on what type of shooters you like. I prefer the squad/Co-op games like joint ops, CoD, etc. I like working with a squad on ventrilo or teamspeak and kicking butt.

    Ok I really have to do some fillings!

  37. Come on! The sound effects in starcraft were one of the best bits. You cant honestly tell me you didnt think the firebatts or battlecruisers sounded cool?
  38. Starcraft was just the bomb back in its day. I still keep checking Blizzard's website to see if a new Starcraft is coming out anytime soon. While Warcraft 3 was really a great game. Starcraft back in its day was just better referencing that type of game. The units were very complex considering what you could do with them. I loved the ghosts referencing the ability to nuke people. Won a ton of games nuking the other forces with a nuke or two.
  39. Nukes were fun, but so was lockdown on a fleet of Battlecruisers followed by sending in the Valkyries to finish them off. Let the praises go on. :smile:

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  40. I still haven't installed RiddicK yet. It was a busy weekend and my brief gaming moments went to playing the retail version of FLATOUT (racing), which I bought together with Riddick. Flatout is fun.

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  41. How are the races in Flatout? I tried the demo and it seemed hard as hell.
    You gotta love smashin the guy out the windshield

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  42. Nukes were fun, but so was lockdown on a fleet of Battlecruisers followed by sending in the Valkyries to finish them off. Let the praises go on.

    Also loved playing zerg with multiple players and building up my hatcheries. Then sending a 200 zergling force down the pipe for a quick win. If the first wave did not succeed then the second or third did it's damage. If air defense forces were needed then Hydrias could quickly be hatched.

  43. Are you using a wheel, gamepad or keyboard? I'd imagine the KB would be rough.

    I found the demo challenging; took a long time to start finishing first. The retail career mode starts off fairly easy and I can typically finish first on all the bronze raises. Moving up to the silver level races, I am stuggling to hit first, typically find 2nd or 3rd to be pretty good. Not sure what the Gold races will be like. :eek: . I like the game alot and think the cars handle about how I'd like them to drive. That's something I could never say about pro race driver, which I thought never felt like you were behind the wheel. I guess, Sports Car GT, F12002, GTR, and nascar 2003 sims have me a bit picky though. but I'd say for more arcade racers, I like the feel of NFSHP2, Flatout, and Insane.

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