Window 7 can't connect to hp 4500n

I install widows 7 64 bit know i can not print to my hp 4500n though a RJ-45 plug. Here is the things I have did install wizard hp, and windows add a printer and last thing a static Ip And try to connect that way. I also install pcl5 driver did not work so i did
the 64 bit driver
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  1. Grammar? I've had issues connecting both my HP 1020 and 3700n with W7, as HP does not make a driver yet for them. However, if you install the non-plug and play driver for x64 vista and then go to add a printer through windows (find the drivers you just installed), you should be able to get the printer working. Granted, mine are USB connections, so I'm not sure if that'll do the trick for an RJ-45 jack or not.
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