Can I install Windows 8 Pro with one DVD on multiple computers?

So I want to install Windows 8 Pro on multiple computers in my household; will buying one of those Windows 8 Pro retail DVD's that say 1-license (for example the one at staples for $69.99) let me install it on these computers? There are a total of 4 computers here.
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  2. What confuses you about the term 1-license?

    That means one computer.
  3. Quote:
    What confuses you about the term 1-license?

    D/L version $39

    DVD Ver, $69

    A single DVD disk plus postage, costs MSFT a couple dollars. So why the $30 overcharge?

    It's damn near the cost of the single license for $39.

    Also past examples of Disk vs D/L allowed for two installations vs one, respectively.

    That's where the confusion comes from, Pboy.
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