Gigabyte Smart Fan Control Problem

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I just bought the Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra-939 along with an Athlon 64
3200+ in a retail box (standard AMD fan). When I hooked everything up,
the CPU fan stopped running while I was setting up the inital bios
settings. The CPU fan fail alarm immediately went off. I then turned
the smart fan control off to avoid frying my CPU and everything appears
to work. My question is according to the manual (yes I did read it) the
fan speed is reduced if the temperature is lower then 40 c. I assume
reduce means it is still running not stopped. Is this normal? Needless
to say, I didn't wait for the cpu to haet up to see if it start running
again. Other than that, the board seems fine. I would still like to use
this feature if it actually works.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt (More info?)

    Hmmm ... that is strange. I have several of the generic
    K8NS boards .. earlier chipset .. and the idle temp is
    38 C. I don't notice any real slowdown in the cpu fan
    at all. However, I do know this. If I were to change
    the BIOS setting on those mobos to "default", the
    PC will not boot. The BIOS is a kluge and not fully
    developed for the AMD64. I had to use the top settings
    for everything. I also noticed the the BIOS went through
    F1 to F9 .. possibly higher by now .. in 6 months.
    I had to RMA a bunch of them back because of
    compatibility problems with ATI video cards. I got
    off the VIA chipset permenantly .. and so far the
    nVidia gf3 set is not giving me weirdies. Your problem
    sounds par for the course. Stupid, but not surprising.
    Also, I found that upgrading the BIOS did not help
    one bit. If there is a working mode, they'll just leave
    it that way, and send out notes to the vendors. Call
    Gigabyte tech support. They help me when I need
    to solve some crazy problem like this.

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