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I have a problem coping files between two Windows 7 machines on a network.

I have a Dell Studio 1749 Laptop that came with Windows 7. It is connected to a wireless network. I have a Dell Inspron XPS 410 Desktop with a newly clean installation of Windows 7 connected to the wireless router via cable.

I need to copy files from the Laptop Drive E to the Desktop Drive E.

From the Desktop I get message, “You need permission to perform this action”

In contrast, from the Desktop, I can copy from the Laptop to the Desktop.

I have full permission and administration control.

What is my problem and what is the solution?
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  1. Ok, so I assume you've created a Homegroup between the 2 computers. you will have to change the permission settings of that folder from the host computer of that folder. Also is the writing of files in that drive or folder labeled in green, usually that means it's been encrypted. I had a similar problem what I did was encrypt the entire drive, and then decrypt the drive (even if the writing is in black or it says the drive is not encrypted) and then I was able to transfer the information afterwards - which I found very weird. Anyways good luck. Hope it helps.
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