Whn Ipurcasd my Ac Aspire 5100 -4720 it came installed with windows vista premium, I bought windows 7 software and
first ran a compatability test. I removed programs it said , all except one whch is ati catalyst but every thing was working fine.
On Apil 16,2010 I purchased a gateway nv59c which was a much more powerful laptop . So I stopped using my acer and
went on with my gateway for 10 months until a a few days ago I had to send it for repair. I started using my acer again but it is running slow it does the same for the internet it seems everytime I wish to click to another page I'm waiting for the page
to load and it didn't that before HELP ME My acer is only2.5 years old.
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  1. Run a Virus and spyware scan, http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/8263-63-simple-free-guide-removing-malware[/quotemsg

    Did as you suggested and I checked and much tomy surprise it showed no problems

    so did a reset of internet explorer an it's working good so far. THANK YOU AND I am sorry for not responding sooner. TEGGY
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