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iMac, not sure if intel based or G5, is silver flat panel. Running OS X 10.5.2.

My friend has an iMac I am trying to troubleshoot. At first i thought the hard drive had failed, and replaced it, but to no avail. Here are the poor macs symptoms:

With new OR old hard drive, mac comes up with blinking question mark over folder. Have original OS X disks, when inserted and restarted while holding "C", will not boot from CD. Cannot boot into single user mode, cannot boot into open firmware. Keyboard is working, becasue can eject CD from side slot, so not the issue. have tried almost everything I can find to try and boot ths baby up, again to no avail. I am starting to think it is hardware, but being a rookie at Mac stuf, i don't really know. iMac is out of warranty, was purchased late 2008. Any advice or/and guidance would be wonderful! thanks.....
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  1. Have a look at this article and work through the solutions to see if anything helps.

    PS. Only PPC Macs have Open Firmware, so it might be quite normal that you can't reach it.
  2. I suppose it's always wise to get Applecare.

    Ask the Apple store to see if they can fix it.

    Might be a firmware issue.
  3. If you've not been able to solve it, hold the option key down while booting, that should give you a boot menu where you can select the cd from.
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