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So I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop and it went very slowly but seemed to get through it just fine. Took about 3 hours to get all the way through which seemed odd but oh well. But now, after the installation, on the first restart it gets stuck at the windows is starting logo. If i boot in safe mode it stops at disk.sys. I searched a bunch of forums and found several problems involving disk.sys but none were quite the same thing as what I'm experiencing. I installed Windows 7 on my desktop without issue and love it. This is baffling me. Please help.
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  1. I would download the Ultimate Boot CD and run some hard drive diagnostics. The install should not take 3 hours to complete. Something in the hardware realm is probably wrong here.
  2. I ran a few tests from the ultimate boot cd and a few of them froze and a few said they could not detect any hard drive. I don't remember which they were off the top of my head and won't be able to check until I get home this evening. I reinstalled windows over night and this morning it had finished and booted into windows. It must have just taken hours to get past disk.sys. Thinking it might have fixed itself I restarted the computer and it's back to the same thing. I think it must be the hard drive failing because I can think of no better explanation. But it seems to befailing in a very weird way. I don't have any extra sata laptop drives lying around to test in it so I would have to buy a new one. I don't really want to waste money on a hard drive if it won't fix the problem. Any suggestions?
  3. I tried a new hard drive and it had no effect. Setup was going painfully slow yet again and in safe mode it hung on disk.sys again. Ive tried messing with BIOS settings. The only hard drive options were AHCI and IDE but it does the same thing in both. I've tried pulling one stick of RAM out at a time but it doesn't work with either one individually. The computer is an Acer Extensa 4630z if that helps at all. I'm running out of ideas, this is so frustrating.
  4. There are also some RAM diagnostic tools on the UBCD. Try Memtest86+ and see if it detects any errors.
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