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i' looking for a 15" flat panel that i can use for gaming. i currently have the following config:
amd athlon xp 1700
256mb pc2100
hercules kyro 2 vido card (plan on putting it back into my p3 and buying a ti200)
30gb wd hard drive
windows 98 se

the games i normally play are:
diablo 1 & 2
c & c original/tiberian sun
throne of darkness
star wars galactic battleground
black and white

am planning on buying:
dungeon siege
divine divinity
warCraft 3: reign of chaos
neverwinter nights
hundred swords
lords of realms 3

i can get the compaq, viewsonic vg150, ve150 & the sony at my local best buy or comp usa.
any suggestions?
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  1. Go for the Compaq TFT5030 (ur serious, they have it AT the store??). It's got better specs than the rest of them. Do you have a DVI port though on your vid card?

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  2. is the compaq any good in analog??..i can only upgrade my card in about 6 months??
  3. Hehe, ouch. Well, the TFT5030's image quality is degraded with an analog signal. Colors don't seem as photorealistic, and there is color banding (yuck! :mad: ). In addition, text isn't as sharp, and there is pixel jitter. IMHO, hold off on teh LCD till you get your new vid card with a DVI port, cause u won't be getting all of the TFt5030's potential from the analog signal, and who knows, fuzzy text and hard to see colors may GIVE you eye problems (one of the big points of LCD's is that they're better for teh eyes than CRT). However, if you really need it now, you ought to look into an Eizo L365- one of the members here has one, running in analog, and it's great. It also costs liek $100 less than the TFT5030.

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  4. dammit man..!!!!
    i had my heart set on that monitor....
    are you sure it's that bad in analogue??
  5. Oh, dude, the Eizo L365 is sweet! It's got 450:1 contrast, 25ms response time. If u really, really like it, then go for a TFt5030. That was exagerrated I guess. In google, type TFT5030, and 2 reviews, from ZDNET and CNET I think it is will show up. read them.

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  6. If you cruise around a few forums and reviews you will figure out that what one person finds completely unacceptable, another finds barely noticeable. This is doubly true for gaming with LCDs.
    You would be well advised to i) try and talk to people who own the LCD you are interested in - specs are just specs, and statistics can tell you anything you want them to, ii) try and see one somewhere. Don't take any one person's view as gospel - you're the one gonna be lookin at it for a looong time.
    Second: never set your heart on anything electronic. This months most incredible invention is next month's junk :)

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; In practice, there is.
  7. Very true.

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  8. thanks for the advise. as far as the video card goes. i'm replaceing the kyro 2 that i have with a ti200. so i'll look for one with the dvi port.
  9. amen...
  10. I have the Compaq TFT7020 in analogue and right now it looks stellar. If its really that much better in digital mode I'm going to upgrade my video card sooner than originally planned.
    I play tons of games and watch movies galore on my machine, and having taken the LCD to two lan parties everyone is baffled how nice it looks in games, and how it doesn't ghost.

    Welcome to the end of your life Mr. Intel CPU. Don't worry I promise its going to hurt.
  11. great....that's good news....
    what's your video card....and does the monitor come with both cables..A and D
  12. I have the Original Visiontek Geforce 3, and yes my TFT7020 came with both cables, so I guess the TFT5030 would too.

    Welcome to the end of your life Mr. Intel CPU. Don't worry I promise its going to hurt.
  13. Hold up, the TFt5030 seems to use different technology than teh TFT7020. I asked comppaq, and they said that the TFT7020 doesn't use ASV (which I seem to belive is a newer MVA). Anyways, go with the TFT5030 for now, but get a DVI port vid card soon. U'll be happy u did. Thing is that even w/ "fuzzy" text on an LCD, it'll be better than on a CRT- for instance, I was at my friend's house who has this really bad LCD, and then went to his comp upstairs to fix it, and the CRT (it was new and good one) seemed pretty fuzzy.

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
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