New Motherboard - Upgrading Windows XP to Windows 7

I'm getting a new motherboard/cpu and I'm assuming I'll have to upgrade windows xp to windows 7 on my HDD. My question is what should the ordered process be for doing this? Should I install my motherboard (and everything else) first, then boot the CD from the bios settings and install windows 7? Or do I have to format my HDD and do a fresh windows 7 install.
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  1. format and do a clean install and make sure your bios on new mother bored is at the latest version!
  2. That means I have to buy the full version instead of the upgrade version right? If so, is there an alternative?
  3. You have to do a clean install when going from Windows XP to Windows7. Although Microsoft doesn’t want you to do so you can use the upgrade media to install Windows 7 by following the link in the previous post.
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