How can I completely erase my hard drive and reinstall windows 7?

Can anyone please help me figure out how I can delete everything off of my hard drive so I can reinstall windows 7? I can answer more questions if you need any infromation.


AMD Phenom II x2 550
MSI 870A-G55
MSI Hawk ATI HD 5770
Antec TP-550 550w PSU
WD Cavier Black 750GB
Lite-On DVD Burner
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  1. I'd get GParted, burn it to a disk and then boot to it.
    Its a partition creating program.
    From it you should be able to wipe the HD.
    Then just install Windows as usual
  2. If you have the Windows 7 installation CD then there is no problem as you can format and delete partitions from it.. If you do not have the Windows 7 installation CD then you would have to use a third party utility such as Hiren’s CD. (I assume you have a back up copy of your installation)
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