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Should I get Half-Life 2, Doom, or WoW? Or is there another title that I might be missing?

Remember that I'm a graduate student and games need to last for quite sometime. Example: Warcraft has lasted me a year and a half now considering online play and it's dirt cheap. Only costing an internet connection to play.
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  1. WOW lasts pretty long, but there's a monthly fee of about 15 bucks. Doom3 is basically only single player(you can go against max of 3 people in multiplayer). HL2 has single player, and the multiplayer is CSS.

    Guild Wars is a "free MMORPG" some people say it's a free alternative to WOW.
  2. Dont get Doom3, once you get over the pretty graphics you realise the game is crap.
    Half life2 is sposed to be very good (although I have heard a few mixed oppinions of it on this forumn) but aint played it myself. I dont know enough about world of warcraft to comment really. You in to RTS games at all? Because DOW is pretty good and Rome total war is asposed to be great.
  3. I can't believe that Blizzard of all companies would charge to play WoW. That is crap!
  4. Ever play MOHAA? The complete war-chest with both Spearhead and Breakthrough expansions is $25 at best buy now. Talk about some serious hours of good single/multiplayer gameplay for very little money!

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  5. Shoot, I almost forgot. If you don't have it already, and you liked Warcraft 2, pick up <A HREF="http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=1051806262714&skuId=3598770&type=product" target="_new">Starcraft battle chest for $20</A>.

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  6. Ohh, I have played a lot of Starcraft. That use to be my favorite game!
  7. i vote for hl2. that game is awsome. its only short if you rush through the game like an idiot. PLAY the damn game as its meant to be played.

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  8. Rush through the game like an idiot??? lol.... or perhaps if ppl find themselves "rushing" through the game then try to play like an idiot to slow down cos given the complete lack of challenge from HL2 it's the only option a player has. I recommend closing ones eyes and using ones nose to control the mouse.

    On a more serious note if yur into RTS games and yur pc is up to scratch then I highly recommend Rome Total War given its almost 2 games in one. And apart from WoW which I haven't played I wouldn't recommend u buy HL2 or D3 given that both are not challenging or fun and if yur anyway good at games u will have HL2 completed in a couple of days.

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  9. Have you played FarCry yet? I thought FarCry was far better than Doom (Graphics, GamePlay, Storyline, you name it), and I would still choose FarCry over HalfLife2.

    Obvisuly none of the single player games will last you a year and half, the multiplayer maybe.

    I take it you already know about the free multiplayer games online, such as Enemy Territory (Wolfenstien), and Americas Amry (There are others, those are just the two I play from time to time.)?

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  10. Thanks People,

    I'm downloading the Half Life 2 demo right now. I played the Doom 3 demo and loved it. Maybe because I remember playing the original Doom as an undergrad many many years ago. I’m still not sold on WoW just yet. It’s just not my type of game. Maybe I’m starting to get a little older and stuck in my ways?
  11. Get the farcry demo too. farcry is now just $29.99 at bestbuy, new reg. price I think.

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  12. Half-Life 2 demo is the bomb. I'm Sold!
  13. If you've the machine to handle it, "Far Cry" is an amazing game. Stunning graphics, decent story, pesky AI and a wonderful sense of openness. Yeah there's the obligatory Labs and corridors but also there's the most beautiful open levels I've ever seen. Don't want to go down the road to the next checkpoint... then don't climb a hill, find a glider or walk around to the other side of the island and go at it that way. There's a hundred different ways to skin ever cat. That's why I love the game so... no rails just trails.

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