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I was previously running XP 32 bit with a logitech webcam and could multitask without a problem during video chat in firefox/chrome. I've installed Windows 7 64bit and video chat is a major hog now. I can barely do anything during video chat. I can surf and listen to music but I was previously able to play WOW and use voice chat now I cant even do a data transfer from my external hd to my internal. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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  1. Check the webcam manufactures web site for the latest drivers. If Win7 drivers do not yet exist, try the latest Vista drivers instead.
  2. got the latest drivers but im going to try a clean reinstall. let yall know if that fixed it.
  3. What are your system specs? Windows 7 is more resource intensive than XP. Also with aero on it now uses your GPU to composite the desktop. In general is sounds like a RAM issue, but I can't be sure not knowing your specs.
  4. amd 64 x2 4200+
    3gb ram
    hd 4850

    aero runs at full spec no prob the system is snappy with no slows downs at all. the resource monitor widget shows full CPU usage and only 40%-50% memory usage when i tried to do a file transfer during google video chat.
  5. clean reinstall of sw and drivers did not resolve. uninstalled both again, plugged in webcam let windows auto install drivers and installed skype. works like a charm. though aero does get buggy with skype for some reason
  6. 32-bit apps use more memory in a 64-bit OS vs a 32-bit OS. That's because everytime a 32-bit program requests 32-bits to store a info, the OS gives it a 64-bit block. Given your memory usage though I wouldn't think that was it, but adding memory couldn't hurt ^_^. If you're using a 2GB DIMM and a 1GB DIMM though your memory will be running in single channel and there is a performance penalty with that. Anyway it likely sounds like a driver problem, probably with the webcam driver.
  7. nope using 3 1gb sticks adding another as soon as it comes in the mail =)
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