Windows 7 sleep mode shuts down..


So recently I got a free (kind of!) edition of Win7 Home premium 32bit from my school to use in home as a present for some school projects...
I installed Win7 for the first time on the C drive BUT didn't fromat as I wanted the (users) folder and didn't want to copy it...
So after the install it ran perefect untill the third restart where it showed "bootmgr is compressed.. ctrl+alt+delete to restart.."
I reinstalled it but with a format this time (used Kubuntu DVD to boot and copy windows.old folder to an external).. And everything went smooth this time.. Only for 2 days..
It then started to restart automatically everytime I boot.. Just the BIOS loading and then another BIOS loading followed by another BIOS loading getting after it its friend the BIOS loading!! :fou:
So I searched the Internet and found that the possible cause was one of two.. 1. Using the first versions of digital river's MS Win7 discount.. and 2. Using a crack or loader for Win7..
So since I'm not using a pirated version of Win7 let's scratch no. 2..
Since I'm using a OEM copy of Win7 bought from Saudi Arabia by the school (not a university in US!) let's scartch no. 1..
This time I did a complete format.. Updated the BIOS.. Unplugged everything.. and no problems this time..
Now I need to use the computer very freq. so shutdown->reboot isn't a viable option..
So I need to use the standby-sleep option and so I tried..
Everytime I go into windows.. Start.. Sleep.. wakeup it just reboots telling me that windows shutdown unexpectidly and asks me for wether to go normal or safemode..
What's is the cause of this??

Now,.. I told you my whole story with Win7 so that nothing else major is left to expalin.. However any Q I'm here till 4:30PM Egypt's time..

Thank you for your patience..
Thanks in advance..

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  1. Hi??
  2. Hello,
    I really need help here ASAP.. So if anyone one know anything (small=ok) I would be greatly appreciated..
    Please advise and if no one has the answer but know a good forum for win7 Q (other than TH) please advise.. Also please no MS forums here beacause it always redirects me to the eastern version of the site which my current browser doesn't support..

    PLEASE PLEASE advise as soon as possible as I greatly NEEED this feature and I don't want to revert back to Vista..
  3. Hi??
  4. Dont let it go into sleep mode....

    Right click desk top choose "Personalize"
    Now lower right click "Screen Saver"
    Now Lower Left in pop-up window "Change Power Settings"
    Upper Left "Change when computer Sleeps"
    Where it says "Put the Computer to Sleep" Change to Never
  5. The problem is when i do it manually..
    And it's already set to "Never"..
  6. Do you have the latest BIOS version?

    Go to your Motherboard Manuf. web-site. See if there is a reflash that deals with the wake up issue.
  7. Yes
  8. *Bump*
  9. *Bump*
  11. I really really need a solution ASAP...
    I don't want to be annoying but I need it as fast as possible or the "consequencies" could be severe..
  12. psycho sykes said:
    I really really need a solution ASAP...
    I don't want to be annoying but I need it as fast as possible or the "consequencies" could be severe..

    I meant the "consequencies" could be severe.. for me

  13. Best answer
    I've only heard of this 1 other time and updating various drivers solved the problem.

    So check everything that can be updated from Ethernet card to DVD drive to GPU.
  14. in power management, go to the advanced setting of your current power setting, and disable hybryd standby in the standby options.
  15. Hi,
    Sorry for disappearing but.. anyway here..
    So I reinstalled Win7 fresh.
    I installed each program I use 1 at a time, restarted, tried sleep.. no problem.
    I installed all updates also 1 at a time and restrted after each one.. video card driver causes it.
    I rolled back the update no luck.
    I restored the system from a restore point and it works.
    I downloaded the VC drivers for Vista 32Bit from Dell website.
    I unpacked but didn't run the install.
    I updated the driver through "Drive manager" by browsing to the .inf
    Restarted no problem.

    Thanks for every one who helped.

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