SB Live! 24bit onboard or Audigy 2

I'm about to purchase a new MSI motherboard with onboard SB Live! 24bit audio. The screenshots in the manual and the specifications suggest that it is the equivalent to an Audigy 2 ZS (e.g. Karoke with Voice Supression Algorithms, Graphic Equalizer, THX Calibrator, the ability to access Mediasource controls through the EAX Control panel) and therefore superior to my Audigy 2 6.1. It even has an optical output to connect a optical to optical cable to link it to my home cinema receiver to listen to DDEX, DTS, and other 7.1 Multichannel sources. It also has support for EAX HD 3 & 4. 8O Despite all these tempting features, I still have my doubts, even though the answer to most is blatant!

My question: Is the onboard SB Live! 24bit onboard solution superior to my Audigy 2 and if so in what way?

One other thing that perplexed me is the fact that the written literature and specifications suggested that the SB Live! 24bit will only support 5.1 and 7.1 speakers, yet the screenshots of the Speaker Configurator show the 6.1 option. :? Can someone confirm that the SB Live! 24bit onboard support 6.1 speakers and if so, will I get a genuine 6.1 soundfield especially in games that utilize positional audio or will this be a pseudo 6.1 which merely enhances a 5.1 signal?? Once I have the money I intend to replace my Inspire 6700s with some T7900s or if my budget stretches, the Gigaworks!! 8) :twisted:

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Since you already have the Audigy you can try the onboard for awhile and see how it works and then put in your Audigy card and see how things compare. Onboard audio is much better than it was a couple of years ago.
  2. Onboard audio tend to snap crackle pop... all the components are so close one to another.. you will notice that if you push the main volume...

    Had to lower main volume and push speaker volume up on my realtek hd audio....

    Was a disaster for recording and mic.
    So i plugged back my sb live. :roll:
  3. Realtek Audio chips are fun to mess with because of their huge selection of random environments to render sound and the voice cancellation and pitch adjustment features. However for serious recording, I agree Realteks are useless because of the noise they provide, so I'm steering clear of those!

    Surely Creative's Onboard HD audio with a low SNR would have few pops and interfearance? Otherwise its false advertising!
  4. Seriously! the 24-bit is a total marketing scam. yes, it supports 24-bit, yes it supports 96khz in 7.1, and yes it supports 7.1. But really.. the signal loss and noise level is HUGE compared to an Audigy2. In hz-khz range, resolution and clarity in sound is much much better with the Audigy2.

    I've had both, and there is a world in difference. If you have a proper sound system you will hear the difference instantly.. the only word i can truly find for the difference is muddy.. the sound is real muddy in comparison, though way clearer and better that the 16bit sb!liveseries
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