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  1. Couple comments...

    1) The chaintek mobo is a great price and is a good deal....Their customer service sucks though.....Id go with the Epox EP-9NPA+ or the DFI lnfinity or Lanparty....Wont cost you much more

    2) Power supply looks good....for the price though id go with this one instead
    3) Id go with the 3700+ san diego....not much of a price diff

    4) Instead of the value ram go with the G.Skill...It offers cas 2 at value ram prices and is good stuff

    5)You going with a SATA2 hdd? You prob could get a 200 or 250 gig for not much more....unless you just found a great deal for the 160
  2. I would be using the computer for games (black and white 2, far cry, doom 3, half life 2, fear) and using the internet and downloading/playing music. The total amount of money of all the parts i listed is amount the limits of my budgets, i cant go up much more.
  3. Quote:
    A stick of GSkill 512MB PC3200 with TCCD/5 will go way over his budget not to mention he needs two.

    PDC1G3200+XBLK would suit more of his budget while still getting the same stuff as GSkills with TCCDs.

    not the tccd5 chip G.Skill....just the regular cas 2 one....and its only 100 bucks for 2 sticks
    unless you are wanting to overclock which he doesnt sound like he does these will work fine and still provide the cas 2 timings which almost no value ram offers
  4. what about this case?


    I just want a decent case under 70 bucks with cool blue lights
  5. might wanna go with alittle more memory then just 512 if you wanna play games and stuff, i think these days, 1GB is kinda the norm.
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