Best AGP GeForce 6600 GT

Ok well i've read a few reviews alot of them recomend the BFG GeForce 6600 GT though its pretty expensive for a 6600 GT card

I've also seen that the XFX GeForce 6600 GT seem to pretty good as well though they don't seem to be sold in New Zealand

Anyways I'm just interested in what other peoples thoughts are on these cards and if anyone else has seen diffrent reveiws would be helpful as well

I'm looking to spend something under $350NZD anything more and i might as well get a 6800gt

And it has to be AGP
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  1. I have the BFG 6600GT in a Dell 4400 2.8g 400mhz FSB. It runs all new games, HL2, Battlefield 2, and Doom 3 reasonably well. All of these at lower gaphics settings of course. This is about the max I can go in this machine due to the FSB bottleneck. A 6800 would be overkill in this machine. If you have an older 400mhz FSB the 6600GT is the way to go and the BFG is the best. If you have a 533mhz or 800mhz fsb CPU then you'd be better served by a 6800 series card. It would give you the best "bang for your buckz."
  2. Id get a MSI, Asus, Leadtek brand
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