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What case do u guys feel is the top of the line one and is Air Cooled not Water, Im also wondering what kind of maintenance goes along with having a watercooled system, do u have to worry about leaks and when do u have to change the water and what not. I also hear they are gonna have Metal Cooled liquid because it is a better thermal conductor than water. When does this come out. Thank you for your input.
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  1. I have a Thermaltake Swing here, it's their least expensive case I believe, it's great! You can pay more to get meaningless stuff like lights, doors, and fancy materials, but I can't find a good reason to do so.
  2. Im not to big into MOD'ing my case and stuff... but i did add on a Window Kit.

    but anyway.. i am running a Lian-Li pc60 and it's fairly nice.. it comes packed with a load full of good things such as thumbscrews on everything, slide out motherboard tray which is a pleasure.
  3. I hate slide-out trays. You think when you get it, it's going to add convenience, but then you figure out that you have to unhook the cables anyway.

    The only removable tray I've seen that actually made system work easier were the drop-out type, because you can drop them without disconnnecting the front panel cables.

    But none of that matters when you have a large case. It's as easy to work inside the case as it would be to work using the tray. All an open case a motherboard tray with sides and drive bays. If the drives don't get in your way, there's no use for a tray.
  4. well i think the slide out MOBO tray really adds pleasure when your actually INSTALLING the mobo the first time...... after its in, i never taking my tray out.

    but when your installing everything it's such a pleasure.
  5. I have to admit.. i love my case. it's not the cheapest. at $100 canadian without a powersupply, the Super Lanboy is a bit on the expensive side.

    Super Lanboy

    it's made out of lightweight aluminum. very light actually. it's under 5lbs before loaded. (weight varies depending on what hardware you use in your computer). comes with carrying strap.

    the features are good. has 2 x 120mm fans. front and rear to improve airflow. the rear sucks air out by the CPU, and the front blows cool air over the hard drive enclosure to cool hard drives and devices in the PCI - E (AGP) region of the board.

    Features 4 x 5.25" external Drive bays.
    2 x 3.5" external drive bays

    4 x 3.5" internal hard drive bays. all mounted on their own rubber grommet trays to iminimize noise (my Raptor 10,000rpm drive is virtually silent on it). the Hard drive trays come out sidways so you're not fighting with devices in the machien for room.

    handles any standard ATX motherboard and ATX12v powersupply.

    side panel is clear to see through and made of strong heavy duty acrylic.

    the sound dampening of this case alone is remakrable... if you run the machine open and it's loud, put the cover on and it goes almost immediately silent.

    it also has a removable tray that is accessable from the outside of the case. beside the 3.5 floppy opening there's a little tray that pops out when pushed. giving you easy access to all hardware or devices you fit in that you want to travel with.

    really, it's a great case that will suit virtually every persons needs. it easily handles full length PCI / AGP cards
  6. Nearly everything you said of the Super Lanboy can also be said of the Thermaltake Swing, minus the 5lb aluminum part and the external panel thing.
  7. Superflower 201, made of Aluminum-Mg alloy, 3 clear sides, not too expensive (75 USD). What more could you ask?
  8. does anyone have any thoughts about this case

    Its on sale now and looks to be okay. Maybe not enough power though.
  9. eye candy wise, you can't compare the swing to the lanboy... lanboy is a much more pleasant case to look at.
  10. Whats the best case for Air Cooling efficiancy and space.
  11. Like I said, I like the Thermaltake Swing because it's a mid-priced steel case (mid-priced by steel case prices) with great design. 120mm intake and exhaust fans with good grille design to reduce noise and resistance to airflow, lots of bays, etc.
  12. it's not like your cpu is gonna over heat if you use the use what ever you like imo the thermaltake is just horrid to look at.
  13. Why, because it doesn't have that stupid door that's used by stupid people to add inconvenience for drive access?
  14. your gonna honestly say the lanboy isn't a better looking case? lol there's no comparision.

    everyone has there own opinions.. and that thermaltake is just a white/tan plain box

    and what door are you referring to? the front access panel or the Side Window Kit?

    it's all EyE Candy and looks SHarp. and like i said before, no matter how the air flow matches up to the "thermaltake" it's not like your System won't be able to function cause there's no air flow. if you build in the lanboy im sure it'll be fine.
  15. Actually I don't think the Swing is available in white or tan
  16. I'm in the market for a new case myself so I've been checking out some cases. I had a Thermaltake Soprano which was a very nice looking case and fairly light considering it's a Thermaltake. However, I have decided this time to go with an NZXT Lexa. I like the look and layout of it and since it's an aluminum case it is lightweight.
  17. Quote:

    When the CoolerMaster Stacker first arrived on the market, I liked it and the fact that it was BTX-ready was a big selling point for me at that time. Now it seems that BTX has been sidelined and my appeal for this case has fallen. I think I have now narrowed my choice to these three:

    The NZXT Lexa:

    THe Antec P180:

    The Thermaltake Tai-Chi:

    Ya, the TT Tai-Chi is pricey but I love the design of it.
  18. What is BTX? is it a completely different form factor or can I use a regular ATX case with a BTX motherboard and get a power supply adapter?
  19. BTX was Intel's way to force heat management for their super-hot Prescott core P4's. It's basically just ATX turned upside-down, which does nothing in itself, but uses a cooling module.

    This was a "throw the baby out with the bathwater" approach: In order to assure cases were designed to use the new CPU cooler, they intentionally made the boards non-compatible with ATX. There is no advantage to the basic BTX motherboard layout, its sole purpose is to assure the case you use has room for the thermal module.
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