Vampire: Bloodlines CRASHES EVERY TIME!

I'm sharing a copy of Vampire: Bloodlines with my brother which was given as a gift to both of us. While he's managed to already loan the CDs to a friend, I had the foresight to image the play disk so we could both play it (he hasn't even installed it so I have no idea if it will run on his system). I installed it using the CDs and run the game through the imaged play disk through Alcohol 120%. The game crashes back to Windows about every 5 minutes with no error message. I've installed the 1.2 patch and it hasn't fixed anything. I don't know if it's my system or the fact that I'm using an image of the play disk. I've increased my paging file to 1.5 gigs and even disabled my onboard soundcard (nforce2). What's going on here? (BTW: Running on XP Pro SP2, newest vid drivers)

Barton 2500+ (stock)
Leadtek K7NCR18-D nforce2
2x256mb Geil pc-3200
Audigy Platinum
WD 80gb SE
BFG GeForce 6800GT OC
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  1. Have heard a few complaints about crashing to desktop for no reason and with no error messages... Only happened to me once after a long session. Try search for a bloodlines forum, they usually have answers there although what I have heard from a few sufferers is they can't find any reason for the crash

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