Putin ...


Is there nothing this guy can't do?

1. Flies a bomber
2. Dances
3. Mad horse rider
4. Nature lover ... save the birds / polar bears
5. Male Model ... er for the older ladies.

A PR manager's dream ...
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  1. Fly away home Russian style.

    Its really only a matter of time until he fights a bear.
  2. I think he fought a bear already. I remember him harpooning whales or something a couple years ago.
  3. I believe he may be a bear.

    Does any other country have a president like him?

    He could probably beat Bob Hawke's beer sculling record too ...

  4. ^ We'll trade even-up for ours :P
  5. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Seriously, who would mess with this guy?

    I'm with mingo, I want to see him fight a bear for real.
    Let him fight his people for justice which unfortunately they are afraid of him for. Fight Brock Lesner who would kick his ass!
  6. I have to admit that Putin is a "man's man"; more power to him.

    I doubt he could beat Chuck Norris though.
  7. It must have been a deaf and blind baseball ... thats the only clear explanation.
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