Clock RAM higher than FSB/CPU?

My FSB is currently at 250 giving me a nice 2.5Ghz Athlon 64 X2 3800. My DDR is 1:1 (400) at 250 @ 2.5-3-3-6.

Is it possible to run my DDR at higher speeds, such as 433, 466, or even 500?

What speeds would that make it run at? For example, if I ran my DDR at 433, would it be running at 270 (with my CPU still at 250)? I have Geil ONE TCCD DDR400 which also runs at DDR600 @ 3-4-4-8 so I was wondering if I could run my CPU at 250 and my DDR at 300.

I'm at work so I can't test it out for another 8 hours but any insight would be appreciated by the time I get home!
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  1. your ram clock speed goes hand in hand w/ ur cpu clock speed. you technically can clock it higher, but the benefit is zero.
  2. Your RAM is already running at PC-4000 level, DDR stands for Double Data Rate, 2 x 250MHz = 500DDR, 500DDR * 8 = 4000 MB/s max theorical bandwidth hence the PC-4000 rating.

    If I were you, I would try to run the CPU in synch with your TCCD at 300MHz and attempt to reach 3GHz, note that this may not be possible even with watercooling but it is worth aiming for.
  3. is 250 the max you reached with your OC?
    What is the highest FSB you could get with loose timings on your RAM, a divider, and lower mulitplier?

    You CAN run it higher...but it does NADA
    So dont do it....

    What cooling do you have for your cpu?

    WHat mobo?

    Whats fav breakfast cereal? lol....i figured a weird question to round it out.
  4. My CPU's limit is 2.55Ghz stable. No matter what combination of FSB, voltage, multiplier, and RAM timings, it won't do 2.6Ghz.

    My mobo's gone up to 290+mhz but it didn't do any good because, like I said, with any combination, my CPU wouldn't do 2.6Ghz. I have a Zalman 7000CU cooler, soon to be exchanged for a Thermalright Xp-120 so maybe I'll hit 2.6 or 2.7 later this week.

    Oh, and Cinnamon Toast
  5. Do you have thge HT set to 4? if so set it down to 3 and try OC'ing again...unless your temps are like 45idle 65 load you should be able to go higher.

    did you try bumping it up to the next voltage level just to see what your temps and OC does?
  6. Yeah, I've had my HT at 4 and 3. DDR at 400 and 333. timings loosened all the way to 3-4-4-8. I can run the FSB all the way up to 290+ but every time I get my CPU at 2.6 (regardless of the combination to get there) it's not stable. Well, it boots into windows but Prime 95 lasts about 5 minutes. Voltage has been up to 1.55V. Don't want to go any higher. Need the computer to do 3D work. Don't want to risk anything :)

    My temps tipically at 2.5Ghz are 32 idle and anywhere from 48-54 load
  7. you could probably bump your cpu voltage up a tad if you waned as long as load dont get above 55-50c

    I do see your dont want to mess with something you NEED.
  8. yeah, I'm more than happy at 2.5Ghz. I just gotta get my temps down. The only way I can get it up to 54 degrees is if I run Prime 95 and CPU burn-in simultaneously. By themselves (or when I game/render 3d) it doesn't get above 48. I'd like to keep it below 48 no matter how many things I have running though. Can't wait for the xp-120. Oh, and my NV5 for my 7800 GT is coming in this week as well. Between the two of them, my temps should drop a bit.

    Oh, check out my thread and you'll see why I'm happy

    Thanks for trying. My CPU is stubborn, but I love it just the same :)
  9. My 1000/350 XfX card I clock to 800/400.

    In the past I rushed to buy a huge fic MB with 1000 jumpers supposedly allowing me to run the RAMs and CPU at different
    speeds. No other settings would work at all for more than a few minutes, however, only 1:1 ratios would succeed. And even todaymost motherboards are so completely un-buffered that they need to be run at 1:1 ratios.

    I have a time getting mine to 1:1 and then I have to guess the ram numbers
    the SPDs I know from CPUZ but the timings I want to have detected somehow
    the fact is you should run one step higher speed then the clock speed you are running at
    even at the exact speeds at the SPD the BIOSs seem to mess up what is the way to see all of their settings
    The rightmark people have something that sometimes works, you can set the settings and perhaps you will
    be stable and even benchmark at better rates and feel right to change your BIOS timings.
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