Mobo upgrade to fit HP full-sized pc case

I have a full-sized HP PC case and want to upgrade to a new mobo with an AMD socket 939; AGP and PCIe; etc. It came with an ASUS micro-ATX mobo with an add-on board to handle two additional slots.

I saw the article in THG about the "ASRock 939Dual-SATA2" which sounds great!

The one catch is, I am not an engineer. So, I want to upgrade mobo's without doing a mod on my case.

I would appreciate some advice.

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  1. any ATX / micro ATX board will fit , you may have to remove one of the extra stand-offs at the rear
    I done this to my brothers PC , sounds the same deal , his had ASUS A7V-Vm board , put in A7N8X-E
    you should have no problems
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