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I'm on a very old computer and I know it has the capabilities to run MSN Messenger but the program won't let me because my CPU is not Intel; it complains that I have a non-Intel CPU when I run it and refuses to run ...
My question is:
Is there a way to lie to the operating system (Windows ME) and tell it that I actually have an Intel Pentium Processor? 8O
This way I could install and run the program... make sense?
I swear I've done it before I just can't remember..
CHEERS to whomever replies :D
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  1. Your CPU isn't the problem. MSN Messenger won't care what CPU it is running on.

    Post a screen shot of the error you get please.
  2. :roll:


    The computer is 100% capable of running MSN, I agree with you on that, but the fact remains that MSN will not allow me to install because my processor is not an intel pentium, as this message clearly states.

    Is there a way to lie to the operating system (Windows ME) to mask the CPUID??

    Again, CHEERS to whomever replies.
  3. The closest thing that I could find was this which leads to this.
  4. Do you know what CPU you actually have?
  5. Yes, what processor does Windows say you have?

    I don't think it's being specific about a Pentium... it's just saying you need a Pentium-class (minimum) processor to run it. IE: no 286s, 386s or 486s.

    Edit: I use MSN Messenger on AMD CPUs, so I know that having an Intel Pentium processor is not a requirement. I'd be very interesting in knowing what type of CPU you have.
  6. I'm betting that it's a 486sx, in other words, no mathco.
  7. The processor is a CyrixInstead 6x86(tm)
    it came with an IBM Ambra machine my parents bought years ago
    funny they use '6x86' to claim theirs was faster than the 5x86s (pentium class cpus)... in reality I'd compare this 166+ (133Mhz) processor to a Pentium 90?
    it runs Diablo decently with a 1MB Video card on-board SIS and 32MB ram.
    it can definetly run MSN Messenger
    "http://www.amd.com/support/techsup.html" -- 'the resolution' for the problem is a non-working link...
    anyone else got any suggestions?
    CHEERS to whomever replies. :D
  8. I think it time for a upgrade. Even spending $200 to $500 You should be running Intel. Or even Amd systems. If you dont buy a monitor and such. You could get a better grapic card and such.
  9. Well if it's a Cyrix chip then AMD isn't going to help you anyway.

    But if you want to contact AMD tech support aneway I'm sure it can't be hard to find it if you go to: www.amd.com

    As far as I can figure though you're basically screwed.
  10. Use Gaim instead of MSN Messeneger
  11. Quote:
    Use Gaim instead of MSN Messeneger

    RIGHT ON! ;)
  12. Or, if you want to stick with Windows, Trillian is another option. I use it exclusively over MSN.
  13. It might have something to do with MMX instructions. And do yourself a favor, upgrade....
  14. Because I've used computers like your's many, many years ago. I know that running newer applications like MSN need faster processors. Even a 233mhz processor would have problems running the newest version of MSN. Sadly, running windows does suck sometimes. This is where you might want to consider using linux or freebsd.

    But I will agree with the others, it's time to upgrade. You can very easily get a faster computer for around $100 bucks. Look on ebay and you'll find 1ghz systems between 50 and 100 dollars. If you can afford a little more (200-300 dollar range), you can get an Athlon or pentium 4 system.

    I just sold a system a couple of months ago on ebay (amd athlon xp 1800+, 256 mb's ddr ram, ati radeon 9200 video card, 400 watt power supply, 40 gig harddrive and everything else except for a case for 125 bucks.) Computers are very inexpensive and there isn't any excuse not to upgrade. Take your system and sell it for whatever you can to someone who doesn't have a computer and put that money towards something newer. Thats what I always do!
  15. how do you live with a computer that slow?!?!
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