AMD Adds More Engineering Muscle

Nice to know AMD is incresing their R&D department.

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“We do have multiple generations under design now,” he said. And while Intel recently said it would step up its microarchitectural update cadence from once every four years to once every two years, Moore was not quite ready to commit to that step, but it was clear that AMD was evaluating its schedule.

“Whether or not we will move to two years for the next cadence I can’t say,” Moore said.

The company plans to offer more details about its next generation architecture at the beginning of next month, and then will reveal still more as the date of the project’s release grows closer. AMD said the new architecture would be available in the first half of 2007.
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  1. Boring. Post something interesting.
  2. ha AMD will be trying to dampen the Conroe release.

    Wonder what they have?
  3. Where has he been lately?
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