Sound Card Not Working On Windows 7

i recently installed windows 7 on my PC , sound card is working on windows xp , because i have 2 OS on my PC ,so it works on windows xp , but if i boot windows 7 it will not work , please help
my pc info:
Realtek ALC868(Integrated sound card)
AsRock MotherBoard
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    What is the exact motherboard model? Did you look online for Win 7 drivers for it already?
  2. have you tired seeing if windows update has a driver for your sound card?
  3. Sounds to me like you need a sound card driver for Win 7. If you plan on running 2 OS's, chances are you'll need 2 separate drivers for most of your components.

    A driver is simply a piece of code that tells the OS and hardware how to interact with each other, so if the OS changes the driver must change too!

    Install the Win 7 sound driver (while you are using Win 7) and all function should be restored! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  4. You might want to run this diagnostics page and see if it helps:

    Though more times than not, it's usually a driver issue. Still, running this might provide some sort of help.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
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