Need some help on comp freezing.. Pls read on...

Hi guys
Specs =

Amd 64 Venice 3000+ 1.8 ghz (not overclocked)
msi 6600 gt (not overclocked)
msi neo4-f nforce4 ultra mobo
2x 512 pqi turbo dual channel ram 2.5 - 3 - 3 - 8 (i think)
seagate 160 gig sata hard drive
thermaltake Soprano case (3 fans)

i built it myself and i had no trouble with it for about a month.
recently i did a clean partition - quick format - installation on win xp professional using my win xp cd becoz of a spyware i could not get rid of.

i had installed only the basic stuff (dx 9.0c , vid drivers , mobo drivers, and a norton internet security 2005 i got with the 6600gt)

i installed warcraft 3 + frozen throne as i am a war3 battle net player.
and when i ran war3 it just suddenly froze. and i mean a bad froze.
the music stalled and kept repeating. my monitor light went back to orange (usually only happens on stand by mode when u turn your pc off)
num lock or caps lock light wouldnt turn on or off. just froze. had to press reset. i thought oh shit so i re installed war3 , and it did it again. mind u i have legit versions of war3 + frozen throne since i play battle net.
it did it everytime i ran warcraft. but the problem is it doesnt do it on the same part of the game , its random , somtimes it freezes as soon as i start the game , sometimes during gameplay. and recently it sometimes does it while surfing the net.

i thought maybe my cpu or gpu is over heating (unusual since i didnt over clock any of them) but i checked the temps anyway , my cpu is running at 32 - 38 degrees all the time and my gpu runs at 55-63 degrees ( degrees celcius i'm an aussie) just incase u dont know those temps are normal.

so i uninstalled norton 05 thinking its clashing with my war3 , and still same problem. and i doubt dirext x or my mobo or vid drivers are clashing with war3 since it was fine b4 i re installed eveything due to the spyware. and i dont think the spyware is still on my comp after a full partition and re format ( i only have one partition and one hard disk) and the spyware isn't popping up anymore so i doubt thats it.

if u guys have any suggestions or any clue to what problem this is it would be GREATLY appreciated.. Thank you in advance

ps. b4 i uninstalled norton internet security 05 i got latest updates and sis a spam and virus check and it was all clear....
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  1. Your temps look fine.

    What kind of power supply do you have? That could definitely be the problem.

    Name brand? Watts? Output on the 3.3, 5, and 12v rails?

    What voltages is it reporting in the BIOS?
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