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Hello Everyone,

Old Machine:
Processor: Pentium III 900 MHz
Memory: 768 MB SDRAM
Video Card: nVidia TNT 2 Model 64
Hard Drive: 30 GB Seagate Barracuda

I just recently upgraded my computer and now I have a series of parts left over for an entire computer but nothing to do with it. First I was thinking if maybe I can load it with just the real basics and make it into a rendering machine. I do renderings using 3D Studio Max and could use it for network rendering. If that is the case then I am not sure what I can do to make it so that the very most is gotten out of the system resources for rendering. Is there any way that I can get it so that the OS takes up the smallest amount of resources possible. I was thinking if it was better for me to install something other than Windows XP that might hog up less of the resources for the OS. My other option was possibly getting some other equipment and dropping the computer into my car. The question then is about what is salvagable and how much I would need to spend to get that put together. Of course I would be spending a lot more money because I already know of some of the stuff that I would need for that. Is it worth it to even put that system in my car though. I don't think so. I would need a bigger hard drive, GPS, wireless networking, wiring, LCD touchscreen, and who knows what else. I was thinking of just going new for that unless you guys have reccomendations. Thanks in advance.

|| Brian
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  1. You see, what you really want to do, is set the box up to run Folding@home 24/7. :mrgreen:
  2. Hello Again,

    So I decided that I would use the computer as a rendering machine and just boot it up whenever I need to get a project done. I was wondering however if I should be installing Windows XP or if there is something that I may use in order to maxamize the amount of available resources for the renderings that I do.

  3. Well, if this renderbox is going to be on a network attached to the internet, then you'll want to use WinXP with all of the latest security updates. (Or better, Linux.) Because old versions of windows have so many security holes that won't ever be patched.

    Of course, if the box is safe from the evils of the internet, then you can use whatever OS you want and not have to worry about being rooted.

    It all depends on how security conscious you are. Though I really think that just about anyone would benefit from Win2K or WinXP. The OS is just so much more solid than, say, WinME. And you can always disable a bunch of the resource eating eye-candy features and such.

    And truth be told, with only that much RAM for a renderbox, chances are that you'll be hitting your virtual mem like crazy anyway, no matter how much you tweak the OS's memory usage.
  4. Just use winXP and set the appearance for best performance in the "system" menu under control panel. Really.
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