the 16xDVD Writer became a 2x...

have add an Samsung Ts522u (16x16x8x...DVD-RW) to my dated but lovely PC :wink:
CPU- C2-566oc850 / MSI- 6199BX(2.0) / hyundai PC133SD 256+128MB running on 100FSB / a MX440SE / Seagate BarracudaIV 80GB(UDMA33/66/100) / a Tv Tuner / Yamaha 724 Audio
windows ME + XP Pro +Nero6 ? /DVD-RW running on Pio Transfer Mood/

the DVD-RW runs well at the very beginning, it could work with my 8xDVD-Rom(Blank-DVD-R) well, 4.4GB data could be burned within 7 min.....(at the speed of 8x).

While it suddenly speed down to 2x (yes 2x) this month (the Blank DVD_R is a 8x one, have try more than 5 pics).

My Nero CD/DVD Speed test shows the DVD_Writer would run the Disc at 8x/6x/4x/2x...... while the writer could not run above 2x at the CPU Usage test, the Burst Speed Test also showing the Writer could not excessed 4MB/s.... all of the above tests are running under WinXP, even i log onto the winME, the result is still disappointing.

Could the DVD_RW run with a UDMA mode with the BX mb?
What's the avg/max speed of PIO mode?
The writer cannot pass the 4x/8x CPU Usage Test, is it convince that
all the power of the CPU has been exhausted at the moment?

Could any one tell me, what is the avg/max speed of Pio Transfer Mode?
I know that a BX is too dated, while it could run a 8x for some disc b4....
will try to install the DVD_RW to another "speedy" pc for testing, but still want to get more info/advices on this stage...Tks in Advance :wink:
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  1. extremely weird, i had a similar problem, my burner was taking like 25-30 minutes when it would normally take around 7-8 minutes... and it turned out it was a BAD ide cable...

    basically switch out IDE cable and switch channel.... and if Still no good...

    update the drives drivers.

    hope that helps dude.
  2. :) tks

    found that ide cable is the criminal, replace it with a new one~then the problem just gone~

    Re-test in Nero Speed
    Burst Speed: 4MB/s ->23MB/s
    Can run the 8x simulation with a CPU usage around 49%
    Pio Mode->UDMA2

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