Gigabyte 945G mobo with "optional" Northbridge fan

Recently I noticed a fan in my system was making a lot of noise. I noticed it was the northbridge fan of my Gigabyte mobo (full ATX based on the 945G). All over the original documentation it claimed the Northbridge fan was optional. The system is a Celeron D 2.6Ghz system with a Radeon x700 Pro. Is it a good idea to remove it in this case and keep using it in the meantime?

Also I noticed the heatsink itself isn't on there very good. Does this particularl mobo not need as much pressure to keep the northbridge cool?
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  1. The NB will work without the fan, it will get a bit hotter but who cares. prob better to install a case fan to suck hot air away from it.
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