How to make SATA boot instead of IDE? (and other issues...)

Hi Folks,
I'm hoping someone can help me as I think I've gotten myself in way over my head. I just upgraded my system to the following:

Athlon 4000+
MSI Neo2 K8T AGP (Had a X800XT AGP from a while back...)
2GB Corsair TWINXX PC3200 400mhz
250GB Seagate Baracuda 7200.8 SATA RAID HD

The problem is right now my OS is installed on a WD 120GB IDE HD. I want to replace the IDE drive with my SATA drive and make it my primary bootable disk while using the old IDE as storage.

So now for my question: How do I make my SATA drive primary master and install my OS on it? Do I have to use RAID? Is it even possible to have an IDE drive and SATA drive in the same PC at the same time? Can I partition a SATA drive the same way as a regular IDE drive? If anyone can tell me how to do this, it would be most helpful.

Anyway... Onto the next issue. After installing the mobo and updating BIOS with latest VIA chipset drivers, everytime I boot the computer, I get "New hardware found" and the PC proceeds to install Primary IDE Channel and Secondary IDE Channel. After a little while, it craps out and says:


There was a problem installing this hardware


An error occured during the installation of the device

Driver is not intended for this platform


Then, if I go into Hardware Manager, under IDE/ATAPI Controllers, I have:


Unknown Device
Unknown Device
Via Bus Master IDE Controller


Well, I don't know what other driver to try since I'm pointing the wizard toward the IDE driver for WinXP on the driver disc that came with the mobo... ARGH! My hope is that using the SATA drive for my OS installation will get rid of this problem but I don't really know if it will... or what else I can do to fix it.

Anyway, I was really excited to upgrade my system and have been basically waiting for 2 years to do it. It's a real bummer to run into all these problems that I don't know how to fix. I apologize for the long post, if someone can tell me how to fix these issues, I'd be eternally grateful.

Down and out,
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  1. uplug all hard drives except for the sata drive you want windows on and the cd-rom. turn on computer with the win xp disc in the cd-rom. press f6 when the installation screen starts up to load the drivers. Finish install windows with all drivers and updates and such. Once done plugin the old drives and copy any thing you want to keep to the sata drive.
    I would then do a re-partition and reformat on the old drives.
  2. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your response. There's two problems though:

    1. I have no floppy drive
    2. (more of a question really...) I only have one SATA drive, so why am I installing a RAID driver? Don't I need a minimum of two SATA drives to RAID successfully?

    I did what you said, almost... Unplugged my IDE HD, booted off the Windows CD with only SATA drive plugged in and ran set up. I hit F6 when asked hoping I could specify where the puter should look for drivers but sure enough, it asked me to put a disk in drive A:, which I don't have. So I cancelled and continued with the setup process. When I get to the screen and am asked to press ENTER to begin setting up windows, the window below says

    Unknown Disk
    (there is no disk in this drive).

    I hit ENTER, not knowing what else to do and got a BSOD. :(

    What's even more confusing is that I formatted the SATA drive in Windows yesterday while running off my IDE Hd and successfully copied files to it...

    No idea what to do next.... help!!

  3. hey might of told you to install raid because on older mobo's you would have to install your raid drivers in order for the sata to work on the os. and no you can have either or in a system at the same time.

    the main thing is getting the drivers installed so that windows can successfully see your drive... just go into BIOS and set that drive as primary, and load the drivers and it should see it when comes time to format and install.

    oh yeah and don't forget to set your JUMPERS correctly on the backs of the drives... Master, slave, etc..
  4. I got a 300gb Maxtor and it came with no jumpers!!! Running it as a SATA driver also on a abit mobo (AN8 SLI). It only reconize 127 gb the frist time I installed OS... Reformating now and will try it again by hitting F6.

    I have a floppy named NvRaid driver Disk. Is that what I need to insatll when I hit F6? Also how do I install from that screen? My manual says nothing about how to setup SATA!!!!
  5. Sata drives have no jumpers because you can only have one drive per channel.
    Windows xp origonaly would only see a max 137 gb (before format) on drives larger than 137 gb. This was fixed in service pack 1. Once xp is patched to at least sp 1 or sp 2, windows will see the full drive. You can then partition and format it to your hearts desire.
    The Nvraid disk has the drivers for the raid controller. Just because it says raid doesnt mean you have to have a raid setup. You can use drives individually. You dont need to do anything other then put the floppy in the drive. Windows setup will automatically look and load the needed drives off the floppy.
  6. Buy or borrow a floppy. You can pick one up for like 10 bucks. Heck just buy a used one. After windows is installed disconnect it from the board if you really dont want one installed.
    See my post to gimpy for the raid explanation.
  7. THanks! I figured that out now I can get SP2 to install right and my PC is unstable for SP2... I cant even uninstall it with out it locking up...
  8. try installing just sp1 if you can. Whats your system specs?
  9. Ok, Your both drive, IDE and Sata work togeater. No proble about ir,

    Next If you want to make partition on sata, Just copy Diskmanager Software (DM Utility from Seagate Or Samsung) Copy it into pendrive. Plug your pendrive into system and boot your system with win 98 bootable disk.
    Now locate your pen drive, drive letter and run Disk manager Software from pen drive, it allow u to make partition.

  10. Msg to Paperdoc.....
    I read with great interest & amusement (in another thread - which I could not locate while posting this message) how you had explained the IDE vs SATA hard drives and the booting process.... Great reply....

    Well.... my issue is almost similar.... I just got a new SATA hard disk (500GB) and installed Win XP on it..... got it up & running and did all Windows Updates.....

    The reason for reinstalling Windows on a new SATA drive was : I previously had TWO IDE hard disks (Seagate & Maxtor) and the one with the Windows installed on it got burnt and computer stopped without any recourse to access. Hence got a new SATA hard disk and installed WinXP.

    (Mother Board is quite a new one with SATA Compatibility; I was just using the ONLY ONE available IDE port in the MB for both the IDE Hard Disks earlier).

    Once the machine is up & running with the single SATA drive, I wanted to connect the second working IDE Hard disk (Maxtor- which is only a Data Storage disk) onto the IDE port to acess my data.... and what I get... the computer will boot only from the IDE hard disk and shows NTLDR error....

    The Intel MB BIOS setup provides Boot sequence to Hard Disk only and no choice is available to select the boot sequence between 2 hard disks....

    I want to boot from the SATA drive only and have the IDE hard drive for data storage only.

    Please provide your valuable advice as to how do I solve this issue...
  11. Hi Guys

    SATA and IDE boot problems

    I'm not sure if you are still having problems with this. I had very similar problems to those mentioned here. However, I did not have any trouble until my usb mouse failed - got the message usb ports overloading or something similar. Anyway only way I could seem to get it back going was after I selected the bios defaults.

    After that my ide and sata drive were in conflict the sata would boot perfectly but when the ide drive was connect it just would not boot. I puzzed over the boot sequence and all sorts of things,I tried everything I could find on here but still no solution. So I gradually worked through the bios options, you know enabled, disabled , took almost a week.

    The solution was in the the power menu - APM (which I take to mean Automatic Power Management) - Enabled - I changed this to Disabled and everything worked fine - nothing to do with the boot menu at all.

    Not sure eactly how this effected the booting or the conflict between the two drives but it did. I hope this helps somebody.


  12. i have problam with sata and ide hdd in 1 pc too.
    if connected both i cant see sata.
    to use both i need restart my PC with restart buton 1 or 2 maybe 3 times then its works perfect till computer off. cant finde way to fix it :(
  13. try unplug all other sata connectors leaving just ur ssd connected to the sata port used by ur original hdd, and check if the sata/storage connection in bios is set to AHCI mode not IDE.

    If that doesnt work, load optimised default settings in bios once again and reboot.

    give those a try first.
  14. the fix is actually in the bios...
    you should have a few settings for booting
    boot order (general format)
    which is something like a list
    -dvdrom blablabla..
    -floppy ....
    and then you have a hard-drive order
    -drive1 (ide)
    -drive2 (sata)

    on this hard-drive order you have to make sata to be drive1 and voilá should have the system booting from drive1 (sata)
    problems with this?
    if you installed windows on the sata drive while it was "drive2", switching it to drive1 will break the boot as the windows boot-manager will try to boot the OS from drive2
    So you would have to get a windows cd and do a rescue on it to fix the mbr/efi boot manager and then you should be 100% good to go..
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