How much 3dmark05 does it takes ?

Ok done 3dmark05 and got somehow average result. (less than 2000)
allready o/c and unlocked 8pipes to my msi nx6600le 256 (rivatuner)

Mu cpumark rock's at 5000+ (p4 530 o/c 3.3 1gig 3200 dual channels.)

How much 3dmarks05 is considered minimal or ok ?

Is there something else other than buying a better vid card i can do to improve my 3d score ?
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  1. Who cares about boosting your score...its about gameplay.

    yeah a higher score should mean you can run games faster....but if games run well for you, then dont worry.

    Also list your entire computer specs, its hard to know whats holding you back without knowing what you have :roll:
  2. Here is the 3dmak05 link if you wish to check it out..

    My card is a budget card it's ok to have a lo 3d score but
    i really d'ont know why my cpu score is so high.

    Thank you for the reply.
  3. same goes for me. i only have an NX6600GT SLI mode ang got a score of 2989 max. :( but seeing others with thesame specs i have, saddens me. :( they get like 5000+ upto 7000+ @ 2000-2200mhz with 6600gt's @ 500/1000. :?
  4. well this system (my old one) scores about 600 on 05 lmao

    Athlon xp 2000
    512mb cosair value ram
    9200se 128mb
    200gig wd (yes i kept it too save money)

    (on average)
    a amd64 3000+
    1gb ram
    gets :5540


    gets: ~7000 (i think)

    SLI setups can reach about 15k i think but i might be rong on that one.
  5. 8O 5540? is that on SLI mode or single? oh and thanks shata for helping me OC my rig. im satisfied on the results. :D
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