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Good evening everyone,

I have a problem with a 4 port USB hub I recently bought.
I woould like to connect a USB to LAN converter to my hub, but it requires a power supply of 160 mA and the hub only supplies 100 mA per port. Is there any way that I can divide/take/steal some energy from an unused port so I can make my USB to Lan converter work? Do I need special software to do this? Can anyone help me with my problem?

Greets, Stijn

System: Compaq Armada 1750
OS: Windows 98 SE
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  1. Hmmm... My first thought would be to somehow splice a second USB connector on to the end of the cable but only connect the power leads so it can pull power from 2 ports. I don't think just buying a Y adapter will work because there may be some confusion because the data is travelling on 2 ports..., you may need to disable the data lines on one port.

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