Need help finding a new mobo

I have a motherboard that is not functioning well, and am looking to replace it. I currently have a P4 3.0 Ghz HT processor. I have the intel D865GBF. My cooling sensors are not functioning and are making it think that it is overheating. All the fans are running at max speed and turns off when playing games. It turns off usually at the beginging of playing, if not it will work for hours and hours.

So I am looking for a replacement, but a cheap one since i will be getting a whole new duel core, PCIE system within the next 6 months. I saw the ASUS P4S800D-X and it is a good price, but i was wanting some input from someone who would be better knowledgeable. I'm not looking for RAID. I have only one SATA hard drive. I have 4 512mb PC2700 chips. I have the ATI Radion 9700 Pro.

I'm just looking for a board that will run all that for the next 6 months, then will be used as a storage/word proccessing/ and other non game programs.

Any suggests about which board is welcome. Even if it is to say get the ASUS. I haven't had a non intel board for 4 years or so since i got them free for taking intel classes.
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  1. If you are sure that it is not overheating, go in BIOS and disable the temp warning things..
  2. i'm pretty sure it isn't over heating since the heatsink is not really that warm once it turns off. my CPU fan runs at 5700 rpms constantly. and i don't remember which one i bought, but it was a pretty good one. I will try turning off my overheating sensors, and makesure my fans keep running as fast as they can to see if that helps.

    I don't think it should over heat while playing games like Rise of Nations...

    Update: Tried turning off the overheating warning... didn't do anything. my system says it is 51o C and was just sitting in BIOS... Looks like the new Mobo is the option... So... Which one?
  3. :idea: Have you tried reseating your cpu using a decent compound (arctic silver or equivalent)? Are your fans manually adjustable, if not try something like FANMATE2 from Zalman( as this will be a lot cheaper than a new board.
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