ASRock 939Dual SATA2

:?: Has anybody out these tried out this new board from ASRock, it seems very cheap (£45 UK) and is perfect for people like me who want to upgrade to a 'current' system at minimal cost.

I am looking at just buying the board and a basic A64 3200 chip to start me off, I can then use my existing PC2100 memory, 9600XT AGP card and PATA hard drive until I can afford to upgrade further, probably in this order; 1Gb (2 x 512) PC3200 memory, 160Gb SATA2 hard drive, PCI-e x16 video card (not sure which one yet).
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  1. i have one and it runs fine...
    overclockability is good too...
    just save ur money for the graphics card ... :D
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