My mouse did something today

As I was scrolling around the internet today, my mouse wheel suddenly decided to go into magnification mode rather then scrolling up and down the page. After checking with the browsers (Firefox and Opera) tools section and also looking in the mouse properties, I could not find anything under magnification. I rebooted my system and things came back to normal. What happened? And how can I go back forth from scroll to magnification when I want?
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  1. What mouse was it? If you mean the text when bigger / small you can do that by holding the control key and scrolling.
  2. I see that now... but what happened was that the text got bigger and smaller even without holding the Ctrl key. weird. Hasn't done it since.
  3. Sticky key?
    Hit your shift key 5 times in a row real fast. The sticky key box will come up. Might be what happened.
    I have had on numerous occasions where all icons on the desktop get selected when I only click on one. Have yet to figure out what does it. I just keep pushing keys all at once untill it quits.
  4. I've had this exact same thing happen with all the icons, crazy I know
  5. Some crazy hard to replecate bug with a driver / windows.
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