Any suggestions on this build?

I've decided it's time for a new computer. This will be the second rig I've put together, my first one I put together about 3 years ago. It's gonna cost me the same to start from the ground up as it would to upgrade so here I am. I'm trying to keep my budget under $1000 and I already have the monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers so they're not an issue. Here's what I've come up with and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could do to improve upon this build. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

$135 - Motherboard - ePoX EP-9NPAJ SLI ATX AMD
$135 - Processor - AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1GHz FSB Socket 939
$210 - Video Card - eVGA Geforce 6800GS 256-P2-N386
$125 - RAM - 2 x Crucial 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200)
$40 - Optical Drive - BenQ Cool Gray IDE DVD Burner Model DW1620
$10 - Floppy Drive - Does it really matter what kind?
$85 - Hard Drive - Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200GB 3.5" IDE Ultra ATA133 Hard Drive
$70 - Case - APEX Super Case TU150 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX 12V 400W with 20+4 pin Intel/AMD listed Power Supply
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  1. I rarely say this....but perfect.

    You can get the 6800GS right now from Mwave for 199.99 shipped.

    and be sure to OC it, from what i read several sources are getting 20%-25% increases in speed.

    Personally i would have gone with the DFI board...this but the ePox is good too...its just a personal choice.
  2. You might want to consider AMD 3200+ for an additional $17
  3. Also you might want to go with different memory and save a bunch:

    mushkin Value 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Unbuffered Dual Channel - $80
  4. Thanks for the advice guys...

    As for the Mobo, the ability to be able to upgrade to SLI when I have the money was my main reason for chosing the ePox over the DFI.

    As far as the CPU and Memory, good call on the 3200+ though I'm not sure if the if I'll see that much more performance out of the little bit extra, but for $17 why not?... I'll probably stick with the crucial as I've had nothing but problems with anything other then Crucial, but I may have to look into that mushkin memory...
  5. If you arn't going to overclock your system i would go with the mushkin....great memory....if you are going to OC then you should chose somethign other then those mushkin or crucials you have listesd.
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