Review on Hitachi TravelStar 7k100

First, thanks go out to TomsHardware for reviewing the 7k100 series of drives. Their benchmark data is definitely backed up by my real world experience with the drive.

When my notebook was stolen in September, i purchased a new Dell Inspiron 6000, but i was disappointed that Dell did not offer the new 100 gig 7k100 series, only the older 60 gig 7k60 series, and they certainly did not offer the E7k100 series, meant for 24/7 operation.

So, i got the new notebook and ordered an E7k100 100 gig drive from zipzoomfly.

I've had mine for about a month now, and what a drive! I see sequential transfer of about 60 megs per second at the start, dropping to around 30 megs per second at end of drive. Access times are ok, too.

Real world transfer: 3,012,952,064 bytes read to null in 63.2 seconds for a nice average speed of 45.47 MB/sec. To give you a comparison, a RAID0 of 2x200gig WD 7200rpm did less than twice the speed at 77.01 MB/sec.

These were very hard to find, only a few stores had the E7k100s in stock in the 100 gig capacity. Prices were all over the place, with zipzoomfly's coming in around $290. Yes, that is expensive for a notebook drive, but i had spent the same on two replacement drives for the old notebook after failures. Enhanced ability to run 24/7 was definitely worth the extra dough.

For all who are considering replacing a 2.5" hard drive, if you have the cash, pony it up for an E7k100.

For those who have a 7k100 or E7k100, post your impressions here. I'd be interested to see what others have to say.
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  1. I don't have them ordered yet, but I'm debating between these and the new Momentus 7200.1 drives for a RAID. I asked about other opinions but I haven't received any responses yet. Ultimately I think the Hitachis are winning my favor, and I'll definitely post some results no matter which set I end up with.

    If Tom's is reading this, perhaps they wouldn't mind writing up a continuation of that Hitachi/Seagate battle to include RAID0 performance. :D :D

    Ok, I bought two Hitachis. Stay tuned for RAID benchmarks, now it's up to Tom's to bench the Seagates in RAID. :P
  2. Better late than never, here's the skinny on two 7K100 drives in RAID0.

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