AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU (Socket 754) 32 bit FSB

Hi Guys. I am doing some research in preparation to build my next computer and trying to get decent performance on the cheap.

I was looking at the AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU (Socket 754) 32 bit. Price watch shows CPU mother board combos starting at $130 with 3 choices of motherboards, including a Gigabyte mother board.

Anyway, I am confused about the FSB on this CPU. One ad shows 1600 MHz FSB in one place and “advanced 333 MHz FSB” further down the page. Another ad says 400 MHz FSB and also “advanced 333 MHZ FSB”. AMD’s site says “advanced 333 MHZ FSB” and the CPU Buyer’s Guide on this forum says 800 MHZ FSB.

So what’s the story on the Sempron FSB?

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  1. i honestly have no damn cllue what on earth an advanced 333mhz fsb is, as a s754 sempron doesnt have a fsb. its processor clock is 200 and it uses ddr400 memory, just like any a64. i didnt find a 32bit semrpon either, at least at newegg, rated at 3000, only sempron 64.
  2. Ok, so here's how I think it works:

    Originally the Sempron came on 2 Sockets. Socket A and socket 754. The socket A Semprons had the 333 fsb (166mhz @ DDR = 333) while the socket 754 ones had the Hypertransport up to 4x the 200mhz motherboard clock. (200 x 4 = 800 and it's full duplex meaning 800 x 2 = 1600mhz FSB)

    Isn't marketing fun? :?

    Recently AMD has dropped the Socket A line and gone only to the 754's for Sempron, but apparently hasn't updated the spec page yet, so it's not accurate.

    Ignore the 333 part, it's the wrong socket for 333.

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