FAQs need updating?

I would think we need the FAQ's updated or at the very least we might want to think about making them unsticky for the time being.

THGC Graphics Card Buyers' Guide (17/Nov/2004)
-Great work no doubt but it is recommending old cards and is a year old.

Catalyst Comparison, Updated October 03, 2004
-Once again, amazing job, but hasn't been updated in 10 months.

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  1. Agreed. And the pixel shader one.
  2. Yup, didn't read through it before, just assumed it was up to date.
  3. Updates would be good.

    Just not sure it's worth it for the old R9600P, nor the X700M.

    I was hoping for Oblivion to push me into the new desktop rig (gonna need powah!) but that's been pushed back even further.

    I'm not sure it'd be worth updating so much as re-starting again (like when it was too long the first time around). But to re-start it, I'd prefer new gear, and I just don't have the motivation yet, and Ski season opened on Thurs, and I've already spent more time on the slopes this month than gaming (although just bought Evil Dead Regeneration just because I love the Evil Dead franchise).

    I can update the Catalyst Comparo to included more recent links for other comparos, but running all the benchies with the CAT 5.X seems pointless at this stage.

    Give it some time for feedback from others, especially Wusy, who's been keeping it somewhat alive.

    However the Buyer's guide should be updated and should be fairly quick and easy to do.

    As for the pixel shader info, there's little that needs to be updated, the technology hasn't been revolutionized yet, however GW may wish to add more info.
  4. Unsticky it if I can't update it within this month, okay? I haven't been regular in this year. After the forum upgrades, I think I made my comeback.
  5. I've been asking steve for complete HTML support. I think it would generate extra motivation for all of us to work regularly again on the stickies.
  6. I'm pretty sure there are some security concerns.
  7. Yeah, that pre tag is a threat to us all! :wink: biatch!
  8. I'm working on the grahpics card sticky today. The forum transition messed up all BB tags, so it will take a while to re-tag everything. It should be done by today or tomorrow morning.
  9. nice! :D
  10. Done!
  11. Nice job spitty! :D
  12. How long is this being stickied for?
  13. 1000's of years.

    It hasn't been up that long. I'm sure people have jobs and school to tend to before updating their faqs.
  15. I'd rather leave this here than have to unsticky those other threads before they're updated.
  16. The authors of the threads have been notified.
  17. Notified about what?
  18. that their stickies need be updated or wingy will desecrate them.
  19. Quote:
    The authors of the threads have been notified.

    I never got notified.
  20. I just went back and re-read that sticky of mine, and I'd pretty much like to change/update all of it. The problem is, that I work a 53hr a week job as a welder, and I have very little time to myself. If you guy's would like to unsticky that thread, I will undestand.
  21. You have 115 hrs a week to work on the sticky. Chop Chop. 8O

    Dude, if you want time to update it that's fine.
  22. You're here arn't you?
  23. I like the avatar change. Not that the flag was a bad thing, but some non American members might get offended.
  24. I'll change it back then. If someone can get offended by my american/swedish flag then they can drop dead. 8O
  25. Quote:
    If someone can get offended by my american/swedish flag then they can drop dead. 8O

    I totally agree.
  26. I agree too, ya big lush meatball! :wink:
  27. Quote:
    I agree too, ya big lush meatball! :wink:

    Then it's settled. The council agrees!
  28. I'm greatly OFFENDED, by the Sweden-esque flag you have there.

    In the immortal words of Don Cherry... NO SWEDES! :twisted:

  29. Don Cherry? Who the hell is he and why are you quoting him? 8O
  30. The graphics card buyers' guide sticky is supposed to be locked. But now people can post there.
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